Cause I'm up right now

Long time no see! Sorry I didn't post for more than a month but I focused on my school and friends, I really had no time to take photos and no one to help me with it. But finally I talked to my friend Julia and we met yesterday, I had fun with her and I hope we will see each other really soon. How was february for you all? I improved my grades at school and I hope I will have more time for this blog, I'm thinking about more than only posting my outfits but it's still just in my mind. I watched "73 questions with Anna Wintour" recently and she said that she would never wear all black outfit. For the first moment I was like "oh, maybe I'm not fashionable?" but I was thinking about it and the next Vogue's editor-in-chief must be different, right? Anyway, you should check out my friend's tumblr -, there are a lot of her beautiful photos, you won't be disappointed!

coat - showroom/StaffbyMaff
skirt - New Look
crop top - H&M
scarf - Zara
shoes - H&M


  1. Love u and your blog!! Keep up the good job :*

  2. I'm loving the oversized checkered scarf, so cute and cozy! Have a great day!
    xo Hannah

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  3. great look love the skirt