Cranes in the sky

As I am preparing my portfolio we decided to make a little photoshoot with my friend Dagmara. I had the opportunity to work as a stylist and I could do this for the rest of my life. We mostly focused on the hottest trend lately - fishnet tights. It was not that easy to make all this outfits because I took only my clothes and grab some of my friends but still, I am so happy with the results. We also had to work with amazing photographer Jakub Woźniak and I am grateful that he let me be a boss for a day.

Halfway in the middle

Totally back. 
Is there anyone that have ever thought being a blogger is an easy thing? I've spent like 3 hours editing just a few photos instead of sitting with my history books but it was more fun tbh, enjoy and let's pray that my hard work will pay off as fast as possible. Big thank you for the best Julia ( for really believing in me and my future.  


Then we can meet on the other side

I decided not to post this photos but my mom just shouted at me that I should so here I am doing it, even if I should be studying for my history test, whatever. We took these photos in the last day of August, I had two bags this day because I wanted to send one outfit for a contest and another one place here, it didn't work out so you can see two options. Simple, but not that bad I think. A little boho? Anyway, enjoy a little bit of sun in October:)


Way up, I feel blessed

Hello. I didn't see my friend Julia for a long time but we finally met a few days ago and took some photos. I really enjoy doing "photoshoots" with her even if I still fell so awkward when someone is doing photos of me but whatever, I'm getting used to it. I wanted culottes so badly and when I found this jumpsuit or whatever it's called I knew that it's going to look perfect. Still simple and without any patterns, I'm addicted to black and white but I hope this is going to change. Enjoy! 



Paris, je t'aime

I should say something like "Bonjour" even if I'm in Poland already. In the last week of June I went to Paris with my friend, just to start our holidays. I was there for the second time but I didn't remember too much and I knew that I need to see more than an Eiffel Tower. It was a great idea because we had a really good time, even if it was just four days. One thing I regret is that I didn't know about exhibitions (for example Jean Paul Gaultier's in Grand Palais) until we were in Paris and I didn't have time to see them. Anyway, we went to Musee du Louvre, we had breakfast in Champ de Mars, we saw Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge and more. We were also near Valentino's fashion show and I saw Bryan Boy, he is so cute in real life. I felt in love with Paris so badly that I'm thinking about studying there instead of London, but who knows. I'm leaving you with photos from my phone, you can also watch my friend's vlog from Paris, it's in polish but you can just see our point of view.

Fashion Week Poland XII

Another month without posting anything, but I'm back as usual. Two days ago I went to Fashion Week Poland with my friends and it was my first fashion week ever. I had really good time and next year I hope I will be able to go there as a volunteer and help to make this fw more organized and better. Of course I don't mind If i will be a vip not a guest one day, but we'll see. We saw collections by Tundra Fashionlogic, Milidiami, Katarzyna Łęcka, Wojtek Haratyk, Jacob Birge Vision, Eva Minge and Łukasz Jemioł. I was waiting to see Jacob Birge and Łukasz Jemioł the most and I'm not dissapointed. The first one is a winner of polish Project Runway. Jacob (you can see his collection here) showed us a lot of bandage dresses which I like the most, I'm in love with his jackets too. Łukasz Jemioł's collection was different, more basic and the main words was "NO WAR". The finale was my favourite because all the models walked with flags to a song Let the Sunshine. It was a great experience and I hope I will see more fashion shows in the future, live of course. Now I have for you my outfit from this day and a few photos from my phone. Thanks to Patrycja (my photographer;)) and Daga for being there with me!


My favourite looks of F/W 2015 RTW

Hello there! The last fashion week, in Paris, ended two days ago so I had time to watch all the shows and to choose my favourites. Also I've got like five days without normal lessons at school so I can chill out a little bit and trust me - it's amazing. Today I have for you pictures from runways of Fall/Winter 2015 Ready-to-Wear shows. They are not mine, unfortunately I'm not that important in fashion world to attend fashion weeks (let's face it - no one even knows that I exist) but I 'stole' photos from, I hope they won't be mad. I'm leaving you now with my opinion about this season's clothes and I hope you like it!

Acne Studios

This collection prevails tweed and leather, but I'm totally in love with this two looks you can see here. The jacket might look good on men also but I think belt adds more feminity to this thing, I feel like most of the collections this season has more musculine's things but they are for womens. This yellow-grey-stripes jumpsuit totally stole my heart. I'm not a colorful girl but I would like to wear this one! 

Alexander McQueen

I'm a McQueen's fan from the time when armadillo shoes were shown to us (you have no idea how badly I would like to wear them) and I love this company to this day, even with Sarah Burton as a creative director. In this collection we can see leather clothes but also a lot of lace. One thing I don't like here are dresses like this because they are totally showing that we have no boobs even if we have them, but anyway, it's just my opinion. 

Alexander Wang

Oh Wang, you could never disappoint me! I'm using word 'love' really often in this post but I need to say that - I'm soo in love with this collection! I love rock pieces and plaid jackets so so much. I'm really "a black girl", this collection is perfect for me, but I look better in white clothes so Wang also designed this beautiful sweatshirt (I'm sure he was thinking about me). Totally IN LOVE. 


Another Wang's collection, but I think it's more mature. Here, my heart goes to this studded coat. I can't describe the perfection of it, I would wear this one also without this belt-collar but I think it looks pretty good too. Congrats, congrats, congrats. 


I love the match of orange and fuschia, it looks really good. We can see there a lot of black pieces too, I like them more than 'too much colours' clothes. Olivier Rousteing did a nice job, I think he is totally into "celebrity life". Kim Kardashian & Kanye West as new faces of Balmain, a lot of 
more-known models - for example Jourdan Dunn, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls, but I really don't care, I like his projects a lot.


I think light blue might be one of my fave colours of this season. For sure I won't be looking good in all-light-blue outfit as Ola Rudnicka in Blumarine show, but I like it anyway. Big, comfy sweaters are on my wishlist from now too. 


Karl Lagerfeld's projects are always an art. Also fashion shows are carefully thought, everything fits perfect so sitting on Chanel's audience is a honor. Here you can see my two favourite looks - a black and a white one. Karl showed us his vision of France and I love his vision! 

Dolce & Gabbana

Viva La Mamma! D&G focused this time on mothers and they did it really good. Like Stefano Gabbana was saying "Every man everywhere has a mother". I'm always impressed of their collections but this time I would like to buy every piece of it, also headphones looking like for a princess. If you want to feel like one million dollars you should definitely choose Dolce&Gabbana's clothes.

Isabel Marant

I focused on jackets in this collection because they are totally in my style. The black ones are more like bomber jackets and I love them a lot. I feel like I will be dreaming about them for a long long time, until I will be able to buy them. 


The last collection I chose is Valentino. A beautiful art showed on clothes and inspired by Italians. Lace dresses, a lot of geometric pieces. I'm totally into it. 

I have more looks I would like to show you but this post is really long anyway, so I'm leaving you here with best of the best F/W 2015. What collection is your favourite? Or maybe who's fashion show you would like to see live?