Hello, hello. My name is Karolina but you can call me Cassie if you want (yes, it's a girl from British Skins - i loved her!). I'm like super motivated right now so I decided to create my very own place in the internet. I'm motivated to DO SOMETHING like from the beginning of the year but here I am sitting in my room at nearly 2am and writing for probably no one. I want this blog to be like my portfolio for the future. I will be seventeen in april so I think it's a good time to do something creative and not just using tumblr all day. 
 So I'm from Poland, my biggest hobby is fashion and I want to change my life and make it the best I could. I want to study in London in a few years, I hope I will be able to show my future teachers this blog and they will be like "oh my gosh, that was an amazing idea!". The name of this blog is from "stylize", "stylist" and "it" - Alexa Chung's book. I want to be a stylist one day and work on photo sessions with a lot of great people. Also I love Alexa and she's a huge inspiration for me. I hope one day I will be in the USA, working with top models, wearing my Celine Boston bag (yeah, it's on my wish-list) and just having fun in my job. I feel like I just should end this note right here so I'm posting some photos of me and I hope you will visit this site another time (I promise I will post an outfit)! xoxo (feeling like a gossip girl) 

*sorry for my English, I'm doing my best to write without any mistakes.

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